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The EZ Pass holders and Velcro(TM) that does not melt, spin, rattle or break! We know you have choices, feel free to browse the web and return. We have received over 3,000+ positive reviews on ebay.   I Pass, I Zoom, Fast Track, EZ Pass Holders, EZ Pass Tape EZPass VELCRO(TM) are designed to slip-fit between the EZ Pass Velcro and hold your I pass or EZPass transponder to your window using the biggest best 1 3/4" suction cup. EZ Pass I Pass coverscover up EZ Pass and I-Pass transponders in your car's windshield. 90,000+ EZ Pass and IPass Holders sold. Rental car companies and thousands in use at car dealerships. Now available in many toll way stores, shops and Grocery stores.

Over 3000 positive eBay reviews. According to our customers, Super EZ I PASS Holders are the best selling, best designed E Z Pass Holders, I Zoom, FasTrack & I Pass Holders on eBay. We use a special glue to keep the suction cup stuck to the plastic EZ Pass Holder. Tough and hold tight. Scroll down.

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Retailers: These two products below are for you. We ship 4,000 to 5,000 units per month all across the US at retail locations. Order from these pages and make 100% profits. If you need help ordering, call 847-729-7992.  NOTE: We ship zero void packages of 66 and 64 units to offer you the lowest landing aquisition cost possible. 

66 NEW EZ I Pass Transponder Holders FREE SHIPPING 5LB

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66 EZ Pass I Pass I Zoom FAsTrack Holders and 2 strips of Velcro Retail Package.

  • Price: $177.54

64 OLD EZ I Pass Transponder Holders FREE SHIPPING

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64 EZ Pass I Pass I Zoom FasTrack Holders and 2 strips of Velcro Retail Package.

  • Price: $172.16

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